Relax we’ll manage your property

London Residentials handle tenant and property problems on a daily basis and endeavor to resolve any issues that may arise in a quick, efficient manner and with minimum fuss or expense for you, the landlord. We will regularly carry out property inspections to make sure your property and its contents are being properly cared for.

At London Residentials we believe it is our responsibility to keep you informed on any changes in law, legislation or circumstances that may become relevant to your let. Our management centre staffs are always on hand to answer any questions or assist you in these matters.

All income derived from the letting of a residential property should be assessed for income tax. UK resident landlords are responsible for their own tax affairs and we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a tax specialist, as careful planning will enable you to reduce your overall tax liability. Please note that all London Residentials fees are tax deductible.

In the case of overseas landlords we are obliged and authorized to withhold a percentage of gross rental income received in respect of a potential tax liability. You can however arrange directly through the Inland Revenue to take control of this yourself, upon completion of a simple form, which can be obtained through the London Residentials management centre. Until we have received written authority from the Inland Revenue we cannot release any refunds withheld.

This may seem very daunting but believe us it really isn’t; with London Residentials we will guide you through the whole process, painlessly.

London Residentials total support and contact at all times
London Residentials full management service
London Residentials let only service
London Residentials tenant supervision and liaison

Marketing and advertising the property

Accompanied viewing
Tenant selection and stringent vetting procedure
Free six month rental protection cover
Preparation of tenancy agreement and related documentations
Preparation of inventory and schedule of condition (at additional cost if furnished)
All meters read & utility companies informed
Deposit held in a Deposit protection Scheme
Arrange standing order payments
Collect monthly rental payments from tenants
Forward rental payments promptly to landlords
Forward statements on monthly basis
Chase and pursue late payments
Regular visits to the property and full written condition report sent to the landlord
Assist with any minor insurance claims
Arrange routine repairs and maintenance
Arrange annual safety tests
Completed final inspection of property
Arrange for the release of the deposit
Notifying utilities at beginning and end of tenancy
Preparation and serving of appropriate notices

Your property needs to be in good order
The condition of your property will affect its full market value and desirability. Here are some things to consider

Property exterior

Are all windows intact and in safe working order
Are all doors intact and in safe working order
Do all locks work properly
Do you have a key for all doors and windows etc
Are there any lost or broken roof tiles
Are the facias and guttering in good condition
All drains should be clear and working properly
Are all concrete and paved areas level and safe
Ensure any steps are safe and well maintained
Are gardens well maintained
Is all masonry safe and well maintained
Is all décor to an acceptable standard

Property interior

Are all carpets properly fitted, clean and in good condition
Are all curtains and fittings secure, clean and in good condition, has the property been decorated to an acceptable standard
Is the heating system fully operational and maintained
Are stairs and rails secure and safe
Are kitchen appliances safe and in good order
Is sanitary ware in good state of repair
Are seals in bath/shower/sink in good repair
Do all toilets flush and work properly
Are any other items of furniture you are providing suitable and in good condition

London Residentials can help to assess your property’s suitability and advise you of any work, which may be required.