London Residentials has evolved around quality of service and therefore positioned itself as one of the major providers in the residential sales and lettings market and is seen by many landlords as the only choice.
London Residentials staff have a wealth of experience within the property industry and offer clients a personalised approach to lettings. Subsequently our expertise is totally focused on managing your property in an effective and competent manner.

In addition our highly trained staff are constantly updated on all current legislation affecting you and your property. Therefore any advice or information we give you will be based on the latest available legislation. At London Residentials we leave absolutely nothing to chance.

London Residentials provide a safety net in an unpredictable environment

  • Reducing risk-maximising profit!
  • Reliability in an uncertain world
  • Free rent guarantee
  • 24-hour Internet access
  • Specialised tenancy agreement
  • Stringent tenant vetting
  • 24-hour emergency coverage
  • Prompt transfer of rent

A full outline of the above benefits is contained in the brochure or is available by speaking to your London Residentials agent.

We are not a part of a client protection scheme.